Man guarantees perfectly crispy roasties every time with surprising ingredient

A man has revealed the secret ingredient he uses to make perfectly crispy roast potatoes.

Jim Chapman, the self-proclaimed “potato man”, has shared hundreds of videos on TikTok, where he’s known as @jimlad83, on how he prepares his roast dinners.

But it’s his mouth-watering roast potato demos that have won him over 120,000 followers, reports Daily Star.

With so many recipes out there it’s hard to know which to trust, so, every week Jim tries out a new technique or he adds a new ingredient to the mix to see what really makes the tastiest roasties.

But before you get onto seasoning, making sure you have the right potatoes is key says Jim.

He said the right variety of potato “without a doubt is Maris Piper”.

And to guarantee that crispy skin, you also have to use the right fats and seasoning.

Jim said: “When Parboiling your potatoes do it with salty water then give them a sprinkle of plain flour afterward.

“There are so many ways to season a potato but I find the most popular and consistently nice way is to add salt, pepper, Rosemary, Thyme and a couple of lumps of Clover.”

Whilst margarine for many of us might be an odd ingredient to add to your roasties, Jim swears by it, Clover especially, as it adds “a buttery flavour and also helps with a golden crunchiness”.

When it comes to oil, Jim’s go-to is Crisp n Dry rapeseed oil, although he says he will splash out on fancy goose fat for Christmas and Easter roasts.

Jim said: “It was in fact my awesome TikTok followers that suggested the goose fat which does an excellent job but as it is more expensive I like to save it for special occasions.”

The dad and husband said he joined the video-sharing app in March 2020 when his daughter signed him up.

“I started doing different videos and was hooked once I realised I was able to cheer people up during lockdown,” he recalled.

He added: “Now I find myself trying to perfect the whole roast every Sunday whilst documenting it on TikTok, receiving comments and tips trying my best to interact to them all.

“When I get asked, which I do a lot, on how do I cook a roast dinner the best bit of advice I could give would be to make sure you have plenty of time, don’t rush, try and enjoy it, sometimes a glass of wine can help!”

According to Jim, roast potatoes are also a good way to impress mates.

He said: “I am the captain of our local pub skittles team in which I have the responsibility of doing the food for the teams after the game.

“I always do a couple of big bowls of my roast potatoes which is often discussed between our team more than the result of the game!

“In fact, half of them probably only came out for the potatoes rather than the game!”