Dad slammed for snapping selfie as his pregnant partner throws up

A dad-to-be has been slammed by people online for sharing a selfie as his “baby momma” throws up in the loo behind him.

The picture, which was shared to Instagram, sees the anonymous man posing with his tounge out whilst his partner is bent over the toilet bowl throwing up behind him.

The couple’s unimpressed cocker spaniel can also be seen in the corner of the shot.

Captioning the snap, he wrote: “Me takin’ pics while my baby momma throws up” alongside the hashtags #pregnancytingz and #beenmoretimes.

And whilst the majority of people criticised him for taking the picture, others praised him for being there with her.

At the time that the snap was shared on Reddit, the picture racked up more than 690 likes on Instagram.

But it proved to be far less popular on the subreddit r/Trashy where it received 376 votes.

A few of those who commented were less than impressed by his post.

One said: “Imagine this fella being your dad.”

The person who posted the picture wrote: “Goldmine of cringe.”

While a third said: “That’s a look of a dog who is soooooooo done with this.”

But a number of people applauded him for being at the mum’s side whilst she threw up.

One said: “Maybe this is a generation thing but I think this is so funny.

“He’s with her, he’s rubbing her back. She’s supported and he’s happy. Idk I think this is kinda nice.”

Another said: “Dare I say… wholesome trashy?” to which a third agreed: “I think so… and tbh if that [were] me pregnant I’d think it was funny as s* a few years later like ‘you’re such an a* but also these times were wild and insane and we were so young and dumb what the f‘ of course if you stay young and dumb it don’t really work that well…”

A third said: “I like how he’s saying there with her and not just bouncing and leaving her alone with the child.”