Man separates eggs using garlic clove and it’s blowing people’s minds

Separating egg yolks from the egg white is common practice in the kitchen.

Whether you’re baking a cake and the recipe calls for only egg yolks or you’re whipping up some scrambled egg whites for breakfast – at some point, you’re going to need to separate the two.

Now, the most common techniques include cracking the egg into your hands and letting the white drip through your fingers or transfering the egg yolk back and forth between the two shell halves.

But a man who shared how he goes about the task has left people stunned.

The man, known as @callumgray0 on TikTok, took part in a popular trend on the app, where people share the life hacks that “you randomly saw one day that is now an unconscious standard practice in your life”.

In the clip, which has been viewed more than 8.3 million times on the app, Callum demonstrates how he separates the yolk from the white using a piece of garlic.

On the side in front of him is a piece of peeled garlic, a bowl with an egg cracked into it, and an empty mug.

He demonstrates the hack by rubbing his finger on the garlic.

Then he gently pinches the top of the yolk and easily transfers it to the cup.

Since being posted, his video has racked up more than 1.7 million likes and 17,000 comments from viewers who were both impressed and horrified by the technique.

One said: “TikTok really teaches me more than [school].”

“‘What feels illegal but isn’t'”, said another.

A third exclaimed: “UHM WHAT.”

And a fourth said: “I think it’s [because] garlic residue is sticky.”

Another viewer then explained: “If you want your hands to stop smelling of garlic rub them on stainless steel under cold water.

“Idk how but it works.”

But a few people were just confused as to how he discovered the hack, as one said: “How does one figure this out?”